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    Help... Print Settings Won't Open


      In order to get to the ABW printing mode, I need to have "Printer Manages Colors" selected for "Color Handeling".  Then when I click on "Print Settings" I get the normal "Print" box that comes up where I have access to normal "Print Settings" options, one of which is "ABW" under "Print Mode".  And this has been working fine.  Then all of a sudden today, when I enable "Printer Manages Colors" and I click "Print Settings" nothing happens.  No new dialog box opens to the "Print" options as it usual does.  Nothing pops up.  If I switch color handling back to "Photoshop Manages Colors" and click on the "Print Settings" the box opens up as normal… but now of course the ABW option is greyed out.


      I tried reinstalling the printer driver (Epson 3880)… but it's not related to the driver since it happens on multiple printers (HP & Epson).  This is a problem within Photoshop.  To make sure I'm not crazy, I tried it on another computer and it works as expected.


      What could have caused this and how do I fix it?


      PS and OSX are on their current versions (12.0,.4 and 10.7.3 respectively)

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          Ok, this is crazy... So, I moved the image I wanted to print over to my laptop.


          I opened it in Photoshop on my laptop... where I had JUST confirmed that everything worked... and now the same thing is happening on the laptop.  So, I then switched to a different user on the laptop and opened Photoshop and was able to bring up the "Print Settings" box as normal.  Then, I opened the image in this users Photoshop and IT STOPPED WORKING!


          How is it possible that an image can effect this?


          There is nothing special about this image... it is tiff generated by Aperture from an iPhone photo.  There is nothing out of the ordinary.


          And now, none of these instances of Photoshop will bring up the "Print Settings" box when color handeling is set to "Printer Manages Colors"... on ANY image. If I close out Photoshop, reboot my computer and relaunch Photoshop never even opening the image that started it, it no longer works.





          Ok, so I deleted all the Adobe PS related files in the Library->Preferences folder.  I reopend photoshop with another image and was able to get to the "Print Settings" box with "Printer Manage Color" enabled.  I then opened the tif I was planning on printing and sure enough, it no longer works.  So I delete the Adobe PS related files again.  However, before I did this I flattened the tif and saved it as a jpg (using Save For Web).  And now when I open that image I can get to the "Print Settings" box fine.


          So, it looks like it was that tif that was causing the problem... but:

          a.  Why would it cause the problem since there is nothing (apparent) different than other images I've taken on the iPhone, processed in Aperture and then printed?

          b. Why would it cause a problem so that Photoshop is effected even when that image isn't open?

          c. Which preferences files exactly was the one that caused it (I deleted everything related to "Adobe" in the preferences folder... there are far too many to test one by one).


          Update 2:

          Just to make sure, I opened another tif processed the same way in Aperture taken from the same iPhone and had no problem.

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            Nobody?  This is completely normal?

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              gator soup Community Member

              go to System Preferences> Print & Fax and set your printer to be the Default printer. Then go back to Photoshop, File> Print, set "Printer Manages Colors" and Save. Then File> Print (again), select the correct printer and "Photoshop Manages Colors" — now Print Settings should be working correctly.

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                And, it always works when "Photoshop Manages Colors" is enabled.

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                  Anyone else?

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                    At the very least I'd like to know which file in Library->Preferences was the one that was causing it.

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                      This just happened to me and I came here looking for answers. Not sure I want to delete all my PS preferences. The Print Settings dialog came up just fine the 1st time I printed this file -  then I just wanted to print again after applying a curve to brighten it up a bit. Very frustrating.