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    Using CS5.5 trial while owning CS3




      I own a copy of CS3 suite and plan on upgrading when CS6 is released, but until then I'm needing to find a workaround to working with my clients CS5.5 InDesign files.  ( I get the plugin errors when I try to open their files)


      I'm thinking about downloading the CS5.5 free trial to use for this project.  I know the trial is only good for 30 days, but will get me by in the short term. 


      Can someone please tell me if I will need to uninstall my CS3 suite before downloading the CS5.5 trial?  Also until Adobe releases CS6 will I be able to go back to CS3 so that I don't have a time lapse between the expiration of my CS5.5 trial and purchasing CS6?


      Thanks for your help!