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    Serious problems with Flash 11.2


      I have hundreds of people complaining that they can't hear recorded video courses and all are using 11.2.  These are recorded from live sessions and delivered via rtmp to Flash.  Some of the problems relate to the Flash Player not firing a "stopped" event from PlayStateChange and therefore leaves them stranded in the middle of a course.  Others can't hear the callers when they call in to talk on the second rtmp stream (first stream, instructor, is ok).  All is fine if they are using pre-11.2.  We have tens of thousands of users who will be taking courses and more automatically updating to 11.2 every day.  I've filed bug reports but have not heard from anyone yet.   This change in 11.2 is putting our company in serious jepodary as a viable organization.  Please take a serious look at what happened in 11.2.


      I've seen many other posts in the "Using Flash Player" forum but I'm not able to post or reply there.  Any advice on how I can post there would be appreciated too.

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          We're seeing a smilar thing - seems the new video pipe in fp 11.2 is unstable and causing problems everywhere. Like you, our company does live group video chat and we're getting thousands of people saying they can't see the other persons video or hear them and many can't select another camera source. All are FP11.2 related, worked perfectly fine in pre 11.2.


          Adobe do something about this fast - we're all looking really bad to our customers right now and it's frustrating we can't do anything to rectify this.