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    flashplayer 11,2,202,228 using camera




      in flashplayer 11,2,202,228,

      attach camera to video and see local video,

      sometimes camera movie is freezed when I change Camera.setquality and Camera.setmode.

      it's not happen older flashplayer. I heard it waste memory in flashplayer 11,2,202,228,

      is any idea?

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          dmeN Level 5

          I've had some camera issues as of late, but I don't think they're because of the Flash player. They seem to be driver based. I've had more than one machine not work well at all/lock up etc. using a higher end Logitech HD webcam - but the same camera works flawlessly on other machines. In one case, on a currently deployed kiosk, I had to lower the resolution of the camera significantly to get it to work on the kiosk computer. So... I know this isn't much help - but I would try lowering the resolution and/or testing on a better machine and/or trying out a different webcam.

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            gashan Level 1

            Thank you for reply.


            >>They seem to be driver based

            I also suspect about windows update and logitech update. this happend after it.

            furthermore I found othere error.

            if I change allow and deny in camera and mic dialog repeatly, local camera view is freezed.

            it seem to set h264 settings.