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    [JS CS5] Preflight reports sometimes not generating, preflight PDF only 1 page


      Hi there,


      I've got some scripts which generate books and documents, and as part of this process, they create PDF preflight reports for each of the documents. I've only just started using the preflight reports properly so I hadn't noticed this before, but it seems that sometimes, the preflight report for one document doesn't generate, despite the fact that no errors are thrown. If I try to manually generate reports for this document, the PDF only has 1 page of info, despite there being many errors (75). Stranger still, the one page is marked as page 2 (i.e. page 1 and all pages after page 2 of the pdf report are missin) If I generate a txt report then all of the errors are mentioned in the report.


      I've looked around and can't find much about whether this is to do with a built-in limit or if there's some option I can change to make this work. Is there something I'm missing, or is it just a strange bug, like it seems (seeing as it works on some docs but not others)?






      Edit: Here's the specific code, in case it helps...



        var process = app.preflightProcesses.add(this.Document, preflightProfile);


        results = process.processResults;

        if (results != "None")


        //Export the file to PDF

        //The "true" value selects to open the file after export.

        process.saveReport(File(GF.BookFolder + "/Output/" + this.SectionName + "_preflight.pdf"), true);






        GF.WriteError("Error processing preflight");