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    scaling ALL (CS5.5)?

    hotwheels222 Level 1

      hi all. i am working with someone helping me with a 24" x 36" tall posterboard and they have /proportionally/ sized all my layout boxes (sorry I know this the wrong term) and my gridlines. basically this is a sort of "bento box" approach where i have gridlines and boxes all sized up to put in and or take out a bit like a puzzle.


      the problem is that i would like to make all of this (the boxes and the gridlines) smaller by some percentage or in some scaling method.


      is it possible to SELECT ALL gridlines and contect boxes (except the 24 x 36 inch poster extents) and get it all to fit into a smaller area? right now it is proportionally too big for me (not enough border) and I don't want to have to ask them to resize all of this "manually" if it is not necessary.



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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          Not quite - If they have placed empty (or filled) frames for images and text boxes; essentially containers for you to fill and work with you can scale them all proportioanlly to each other. But, if there are blue Guides or a document grid, you will not be able to scale these with the former mentioned frames.


          With all layers unlocked - Select All (ctrl + a)

          With all selected, Group (ctrl + g)


          Scale as desired. The caveat is that you cannot select guides and objects at the same time. If you select nothing, than select all will select the guides. I am not sure if they can be scaled.


          Last item of note is that, from the Layout menu, you can change the margins you desired to work within.

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            lilia@ Level 2

            If your ruler guides are touching your frames on the top, bottom, left and right sides then you can resize those objects and re-create new guides from all selected objects via the script called AddGuides.

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              Grant H Level 4

              you dont have to group the objects, as Daniel mentioned, which will place all the objects into one layer and may incur undesirable changes... select all and press E (free transform) then scale. This will keep the layer structure.



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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                In CS5.x you can scale by simply selecting all objects and scale them that way. In earlier versions you needed the Free Transform tool or you had to group them first.



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                  Grant H Level 4

                  ah, hahaha... tx Bob, its become such a habit over the years that I never even thought to try it without the E...