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    ACR adjustments not showing up in Bridge

    Dakota Wind Community Member

      I've done some searching but have not found an answer to my ?  So hope it isn't a repeat.  I'm on a iMac with 16 gig of RAM and updated graphics card running the latest version of Lion.


      After downloading the beta of CS6/ACR7 I have noticed that if I'm working on a photo in ACR and click "done" (not save image), the ACR adjustments don't always show up in Bridge.  Sometimes it might show the adjustments and other times it doesn't.  Doesn't seem to matter if the raw file is NEF or DNG.  It is very hit and miss.


      I did an update on CS5 before I downloaded the beta of CS6 and I've noticed that it does the same thing.  Went to my lap top with none of the latest updates and all adjustments in ACR show up in Bridge.  I compared ACR and Bridge Preferences and all was the same between the machines.  (Lap top is a MacBook Pro 15").


      Anyone have any idea what needs to be changed so all adjustments in ACR show up in Bridge?  If the adjustments in ACR are all I need to do, it is frustrating to have to do a "save image" and make a duplicate just to get the adjustments to show up.  I can use LR and have it work this way, but I prefer ACR.