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    Can you create pop-ups?


      Is it possible to create pop-ups that contain text in Presenter?

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          Pete Vojtik

          Our Instructional Designers have been asking me the same question.  We've moved from developing e-learning in authoring tools like Flash and ToolBook to developing rapid e-learning using Presenter.  Our ID's relied heavily on popup's which I don't believe Presenter is capable of.  This would be a wonderful addition to Presenter!


          My solution for them was to create the popups in Captivate.  It's not ideal, but it certainly accomplishes the need.


          I've attached an example SWF and the native CP file.

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            robva65 Level 2

            Hey guys,


            Although Presenter doesn't have the capacity to create popups in the same fashion as Captivate, there are 2 other possible workarounds:


            1. If you have experience with Flash, you could create a simple flash anim that replicates popup layers.  I've attached an example where I set up a Flash file to reveal hidden layers which can be called upon by rolling your cursor over bulleted list items.


            2. If you've worked with hidden slides in PPT, then creating the same kind of effect is a SNAP!  Simply create invisible objects in PPT (meaning that there's no fill/no stroke applied to a shape) and then hyperlink it to a hidden slide.


            Caveats to the above:  the first assumes that you have some basic knowledge in flash.  That should be a given.  The second case actually has an "interesting" side effect.  If you opt for hidden slides, just be aware of how your reporting is communicated to an LMS.  What I mean is...let's say for example you have a 10 slide presentation and 5 of those slides are hidden, b/c you're using those 5 for the technique described above.  If you mark that content as requiring 100% slide completion, you're in for some trouble.




            Because the hidden slides in most LMS systems (Docent, Knowledge Planet, GeoLearning, etc) won't count hidden slides in the course.  And because they're hidden, there's also a chance that your learner might skip over them.  The solution, in this case, is to adjust the completion tracking accordingly.  Divide the number of hidden slides by the total number of slides to calculate the percent of slides that your learners would need to see in order to track a "complete viewed" from your content.





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              I've been able to create a link to a simple pop-up in html (to show a graphic), and I have been able to resize it upon opening.  But I haven't been able to figure out a way to remove the menu or toolbars when it opens.  It seems like normally you would set those on the originating location with the use of javascript and not on the terminating html page. (Almost every search I did assumed I was linking from one html to another).  If anyone can come up with the code, that would be helpful!


              I simply placed the html and the jpg of the graphic in the Data > Resources folder after I publish.


              Below is the code that I used in the html page.  screenshot_here is the name of the graphic shown in the page.





              <script type="text/javascript">
              function resizeWindow()



              <img src ="screenshot_here.jpg" onload="resizeWindow()" value="Resize window">