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    Installer failed to initialize

    Rich Murphy Level 1

      I am getting an "Installer failed to initialize" error while trying to install PSE 9 from a DVD and PSE 10 from a download. I download Adobe Support Advisor but it crashes without giving any error message. Located PDApp.log for the failed PSE 9 installation. It shows the following errors:


      [FATAL] PIM - Error Failed to mount the package dmg.

      [FATAL] PIM - Error Failed to extract assets...

      [FATAL] Setup - Error installing core /Volumes/Photoshop Elements 9/Adobe Photoshop Elements 9/packages/core/PDApp.pimx package. pim_installPackage returned -8

      [FATAL] Setup - Error installing Packages.


      Unable to find any log file for the PSE 10 failed install.


      Have tried creating a fresh user account with admin privilages but that didn't help. Also tried complete shut down & reboot.


      System: Mac OS 10.6.8, 4gb ram, plenty of HD free space, firewall off, no virus protection installed.


      What's the next step?