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    Anyone have problems with extensions from DMXzone or dealing with them?


      This Advanced Open Window 3 for Dreamweaver extension does not work on my MS XTPro system or our web server. I purchased this extension recently and have had nothing but troubles with it and the company support. This extension on some servers will actually load a page of code that is visible before playing a SWF file. Their support was of no help and basically told me that it worked fine on their system so too bad, so sad!  I went through all the back and forth and sending files to them for help and they still would not honor a reimbursement after they couldn't figure out the problem. You will not get any money back guarantee from these folks and they will not get back to you quickly as they are in the Netherlands on a different time than the US. "Warning" if you have trouble with this extension don't expect much. I will never buy another item from this company DMXzone again.