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    Editing redactions


      A client and I are working on finalizing a document.  He prepared the pdf by scanning records, then redacting the parts that were not applicable.  I want to modify the appearance of the redactions (Redaction Properties?).  How can I do that?  For example, he has all that stuff blacked out.  I want to change it to white out, and possibly add text like "Redacted by ABC".   I have previously used Acrobat X to do this in documents I created and redacted myself.  How can I do this in a document created and redacted by my client?  He is using the latest version of Acrobat (he just bought it).




      Joe McGuire

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          ~graffiti ACP/MVP

          You should be able to just use the redaction tool and select over the top of his selections then set your own properties.

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            try67 ACP/MVPs

            Once the redaction marks have been applied, you can't edit them anymore.

            You can set the default properties of the redaction tool to have a white

            fill color and the overlay text you want, or you can edit pre-existing

            redaction markups, but only if they haven't been applied yet.

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              runuz Community Member

              Thanks!  If the redactions cannot be modified or changed (although they can apparently be the subject of further redactions) can an pdf file be saved with the redactions marked but not applied?  That is, with the saved document preserving the parts marked for redaction to be applied/finalized at a later time.  Or will any marking for redaction be lost if the document is saved without being applied?

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                try67 ACP/MVPs

                Sure, you can save a document with the non-applied redaction marks (it will notify you about it when you save the file), and later on open it with them still in tact.

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                  runuz Community Member