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    Creating patterns live – new tool

    MarioMari Level 1

      New tool for creating patterns live.

      Measure tool from the menu kontekstowgo pdoobnie as "Make Clipping Mask":

      .1. I draw the basic parts of Pattern

      .2. I draw a rectangle on top

      .3. from the context menu choose "Make new Pattern Master"



      .5. Marked rectangle area creates a new object of type "Pattern Master"

      .6. Group objects are automatically masked to the shape of a rectangle. (similar to the effect of "Make Clipping Mask").


      .7. Objects in the masked group of "Pattern Master", located outside edge of the area formula automatically create their reflections spirits and is duplicated on the opposite edge.


      .8. We can already see the look of one tile new model.


      .9. In the Swatches palette, automatically added there is a new pattern.



      The new object of type "Pattern Master" is linked to the model in the palette as well as work now in Illustrator symbols.


      right now.

      10th Double-clicking on an object of type "Pattern Master" takes you to edit the live model. The Pattern Master mode, Edith, you can select only the objects that make up the master pattern of change will automatically shift their spirits previews the edge pattern and change the viewing pattern.


      .11. When editing an object of type Patterm Master at any time, you can enable or disable the preview changes to the design of the previously selected object. Switch to preview live changes to the design of obikecie's finger swatches or even better on the bar "Current Isolated Object". (It may eventually be used to bar a great idea editing objects. Now it's just not used to FreeHeadnd nice option that Adobe does not know what it can do)


      Best regards and thanks for the present work!