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    PRE10 "Unspecified error occurred while performing a conform action on the following file:..."


      I really need some help!

      I am making a short video on premiere elements 10 and I seem to get this conforming error everytime I open the project and I cannot save it either!!


      "Unspecified error occured while performing a conform action on the following file:

      File0002.AVI 48000.CFA"


      This happens everytime I open premiere elements 10  to lots (or all) of my video clips and I can't find any help in the adobe forums or anywhere else online!


      Also, I want to save this video as an AVI file, but when I try to export it, it says it has finished quite quickly and has not even added anything to click on or when it does, it does not play. Sometimes it says it has finished then comes up with: "Error compiling movie. Unknown error". one of these happen everytime that I try to save it.


      Lots (or all) of my avi files come up as this same conforming error when I load the project and I have no clue as to what to do!...


      It also crashes nearly everytime after these compiling errors!


      My computer is running windows 7 ultimate OS


      Please help!