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    Creating a Dreamweaver site and need an idea or solution


      Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I am creating a site to display my portfolio.




      My goal was to create the icons and without going to another page—be able to click and view each one on it's own. Like mini books with the icons being previews.


      I figured that out but I showed this site to my sister and she said looks good. I asked her what she thought of the "icon slideshows" and she went through the first time not knowing and didn't click on them.


      She said to notify the viewer to click but my goal as a designer should be able to entise the viewer to click without actually writing it out. I was thinking of doing a rollover to highlight but there isn't a link or page to click to.


      Does anyone have a creative ide or how to create a highlighted icon that really has not clickable value?


      Thank you



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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          In my opinion the work does not feel complete.  I get the feeling that I clicked a link to a gallery, and now I'm trapped here with no way out so I just sit down and do nothing.  Let's compare your Adam Street site.  While having the same minimalistic style, it gets the job done much better with the navigation.  I see names of bands in a navigation, a video with a musical artist.  I can assume music site.  With your site there is nothing to assume.  If, I had clicked on a gallery link and landed here I would know fully what you do and want to click more, but there is nothing here to go on.  There's not even a contact link so how do you expect people to get in touch with you?


          Then to dig a little further, your site has no alt tags and no text so you might as well be invisible because Google surely cannot see you.  Then you have an error with your 000 webhost inclusion.  You are including a PHP file as Javascript which is invalid.  If you need to include php you should be including as:


          <?php include('pathto/file.php'); ?>


          And just as a side note, very nice work.  I like the photography of the bridge/industrial and the plant next to the window and some of those ads are very nice as well.

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            jaysondking Level 1

            Thank you SnakEyez02. I was planning on adding a contact link and a link to my site I was just trying to figure this part out. So you think each project should have it's own link and page? I was trying to set it up this way as an overview in case someone didn't want to take the time to go through all the links and pages. Hmm, maybe a slideshow at the homepage with links to all projects below?


            I really was not concerned with search engines finding me as I would ask people to visit my site. If I may ask where did you see the error?


            Thanks for the comments on my work!



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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional

              I don't think each project needs it's own page.  I just think without links to anything else I don't know where I landed.  If the page had header text at the top saying "Gallery" or "My Works" or something along those lines I would think to click.  But if this is a homepage and there is no text to say what is going on, I would not think to do that.  An idea for the homepage could be a slideshow with a few of your best works and then have a navigation to the complete gallery of your works.  I just think it's too minimalistic at this point so I agree with your sister in that respect.


              As far as the include, it's at the bottom of your page, last line of code it says 000webhost analytics code. 

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