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    Script that rescale a document by 50% to match both iPad resolutions

    MichaelChaize Adobe Employee

      Hi guys,

      my first issue of Appliness (www.appliness.com) is a 768x1024 folio. For the next issue, I'll output two renditions: a 1536x2048 and a 768x1024.

      I'm not an InDesign expert, so I've tried to find the best workflow with my friend Stephane Baril. The best way I've found is to start by creating my folio with high-resolution pages (1536x2048), and at the very end, scale down everything by 50% to get the iPad1/iPad2 rendition. Manually, it's not easy to scale down everything. So I ended up writing a small JavaScript that:

      • gets the orientation of the document (landscape and portrait)
      • unlock all the layers of the document
      • loop on all the pages
      • free the items from the master pages
      • create a blank rectangle that fits the dimension of the page (to get a well defined center of the page while scaling)
      • groups all the elements of the page
      • scale everything by 50%
      • resize the pages to 768×1024
      • changes the properties of the document to set the new dimensions and the correct orientation


      DISCALIMER: It works well for my magazine. As I'm not an InDesign expert, I cannot guarantee that it will work with your pages, but it's worth a try... there's no risk. It will produce 768x1024 documents but you will lose your layers. So consider it just as an 'output', or an 'export', a 'flat copy' to quickly get a 768x1024 rendition from your 2536:2048 work.


      I've posted the code of my JavaScript here: http://appliness.com/automatic-rescale-with-indesign/

      I'll try to attach the script in this post. As it's code, I don't know if it will be accepted.


      I hope it helps.