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    Publish an audio-only stream (HLS)

    nnmk Level 1


      the documentation says this:

      "To serve streams over a cellular network, one of the streams must be audio-only. For more information, see HTTP Live Streaming Overview.

      To publish an audio-only stream, enter the following in the Flash Media Encoder Stream field:


      If the encoder specifies individual query strings for each stream, use individual stream names instead of the variable %i:






      To generate a set-level variant playlist when using an audio-only stream, specify the audio codec of the audio-only stream. Specify the audio and the video codec of the streams that contain audio and video. For more information about using the Set-level F4M/M3U8 File Generator, see Publish and play live multi-bitrate streams over HTTP.



      Does this mean that using one FMLE encoder (with the installed AAC plugin) i can stream BOTH audio+video AND audio only stream via HLS to iOS clients?


      If yes, how to connect to a+v stream and how to connect audio only stream in iOS  ? (To be more precise - i would need two m3u8 files, how do i create them in the provided generator)


      What about the need to provide multiple bitrates (for the audio), surely 64 isn't enough - multiple encoder machines or multiple encoder instances?