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      Can someone help me.  I have copied my knowledge base (Wikipedia Style Knowledge Base)  into a central file for other's to use and I need to locate the helpfile so that those people can see the content of the knowledge base.  Do you know where I can find the relevant file as when they open the Knowledge base it comes up with Navigation Cancelled.


      Thank you once again.



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          Jeff_Coatsworth Rockstar

          Going to need more info to be able to help you out. What form of help did you create? Was the project located on your local c:\ drive? What & where did you copy?

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            Peter Grainge Ninja

            I'm pretty sure Tracy has created a CHM and put it on a network drive.


            CHMs have to be run from each user's PC so you need to think again what output you want to create. Sounds like webhelp on a web server is what you need.


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              tracy_scottCiv Newcomer

              I created in Robohelp Word,  a MS html Knowledge Base which I copied the Output File which was located on my C drive to our network drive (compiled HTML file) it has a ? in the icon.  Normally we just copy the Helpfile and then users can search the WikiPedia Style Knowledge Base.


              We have been able to let other users access the last database we had which is the output file. 

              Hope this makes sense - I did try and take a pitcture but it will not let me upload the file.


              Thank you for all your help in advance.



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                Peter Grainge Ninja

                CHMs (Microsoft compiled HTML files) do not work from network drives unless someone makes some registry changes as described on my site. http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/chm_mspatch/896358.htm


                If you have CHMs on a network drive, then someone has changed the registry to allow that. It sounds like a further change is needed for you new file.


                One of your colleagues must have some knowledge of what was done, maybe one of the developers?


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                See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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                  Jeff_Coatsworth Rockstar

                  Peter's prediction was right on the money - I believe his site (grainge.org) has info on what workarounds you can do with .chm files on servers (it's become a security thing) - if not there, then a search of the forum should turn up the tweak you make to your server's settings.


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