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    Table of Contents Style Issue


      I am a new user of InDesign 5 and am working with a Table of Contents that was prepared for me in my office.  I have updated my text and inserted a few pages into my document and now have some odd formatting showing up in the TOC.  I have deleted my text, added it back in, applied different styles and checked to be sure that I don't have any overrides applied.  The issue is that the leader (....) seems not to be showing up for about 1/4 of my TOC entries.  Any help would be appreciated.


      Grainy (sorry) Image below (note items: Filter 4, Import 11, Export 21 as examples)





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          wjnp2000 Level 2



          You got verify all the styles envolved.

          Try first verify this:


          Screen shot 2012-04-05 at 11.07.33.png


          For each style included has to be similar like this example. The "entry style" can't be "[Same style]" like on the pic. You have to create one style and verify if don't have any tag besides the leader.

          Good luck!

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Do you have dedicatedTOC styles for the listings, or are you using the same styles as used in the text? It looks like there are some manual overrides or stray characters that are showing up, and they might be in the text itself and getting picked up by the TOC.

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              jclarke2 Level 1

              I do have dedicated TOC styles.  I can't find any manual overrides either.  When I update the TOC the software gives me a warning asking if I want to include items in Overset Text.  What does that mean? 


              I just noticed that if I change the problem text to "Filter Tool" from "Filter" then I get a valide TOC entry.  Is there something that prevents one word entries in the TOC?  I notided that all of the places where I have problems are where the entry is just one word.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                The overset text question means do you want to include text that is part of the story, but didn't fit into any frame so is invisible and not on your pages.


                No reason why single words shouldn't work.


                Select a listing with a problem by triple-clicking to select the whole paragraph. Is there a plus sign showing after the style name? If you show non-printing characters, do you see things like forced line breaks that don't belong?

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                  Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                  Check the prefilght panel on the Bottom left , it will be the green button or the red ,


                  Double click on it and preflight panel will poen up , and will show the list of the overset text with the page number.


                  Check on that page from the overset text , check do you have the style applied on any of that text which is included in TOC

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                    jclarke2 Level 1

                    Thanks all for your help.  It seems, for whatever reason, that if I chance my section titles to multiple words then they appear as expected in the TOC.  I am sure that a combination of the things you all suggested are contributing, but this seems to fix it for me.  I appreciate the rapid responses!