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    Adobe Content Viewer

    Mike Lipson Level 1

      Hi guys -


      Any update on Content Viewer? I know, I know...it's in the hands of Apple...but are you experiencing any problems?


      It seems like it's taking particularly long this round to gain Apple's approval.


      The opportunity to build custom viewers is great...but it is not a solution for sharing folios with external customers.


      I while I think it admirable that you released the new Folio Producer Tools early (prior to release of content viewer) in practice it comes off as a bit of a hassle for those of us in production.


      You wouldn't release a new version of Acrobat without ensuring that from day one, an updated (and freely accessible) Reader was available to open any of the newly created PDF's.


      Early release should be the venue of beta testers.


      And if you need to update - even a mandatory update to Folio Builder Panel - for me - that is fine. It keeps the cloud running as smoothly as possible, but it doesn't need to be on the same schedule as updates to the Tools, Viewer, and Viewer Builder.


      In fact my vote would be to not bake Folio Builder Panel updates into a "Single Installer" as is alluded to with ID6.


      Maintaining cloud integrity, integration with ID on the desktop, and basic server uptime should have nothing to do with the actual applications running on it whether those applications are DPS or something else down the road.

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