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    Installed latest 11.2 Flash Player and drmtest says I need to update


      I installed the latest version of Flash but I still cannot watch video on Amazon Instant.  Contacted Amazon and uninstalled latest version and re-installed old version.  Still didn't work.  I updated Java.  Still didn't work.  I restarted the computer and it still doesn't work.  I re-installed the latest version of Flash and it still doesn't work.  I searched for "native cache" and finder doesnt' find any file by that name.   I went to the Adobe Flash Acess Sample Video Player and it says I need the latest version of Flash. But I HAVE the latest verson of Flash - so it's not Amazon or Mac its Adobe and this website is not very helpful so far.   Does anyone know why this product doesn't work? I've been troubleshooting and looking for help for 3 hours. 


      I am running on Mac OS X 10.6