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    State of the FMS, humble suggestions



      I just want to state some issues and possible improvements in FMS that are pretty much needed and would be great for Adobe, for the partners for the FMS customers and for the viewers of the streaming content:


      - FMS 4.5.1 Interactive  - which is used in most cases i guess - can stream rtmp, hls, hds to the following clients: iOS (app, native player/browser), flash client, air apps, to the following devices: all that support flash, air apps or iOS devices

      - FMS 4.5.1 Interactive issues:

                - no protection of hls streaming (except the apache tricks that are kind-of-not-cool and may very well be insufficient) - http://forums.adobe.com/message/4231702 ?

                - no support for  Androids that cannot use flash or air due to weak hardware - is the policy not to include those?

                - failover strategies for linux and windows deployments (why not be compatible with windows failover cluster (make FMS cluster-aware process)? - this would solve failover and maybe even load balancing on windows platforms). Failover as seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Failover

                - clustering that will work for hls/rtmp/hds with maybe some load balancing tools included (origin edge was cool but - does it work for hls?), no easy way of solving this and not spend the same or more money that the license costs on hardware (server machines excluded)?

                - server side recording sample apps - scheduled recordings?

                - lack of updated information on how much concurrent users can the FMS stand, the old document was great for rtmp family, we need new tests and numbers

                - include hls statistics in admin console?

                - ....

      - FMLE

           - mulitple bitrate audio?

           - easier scheduled restart/change profile/use authentication routine

           - ...


      Solving/improving all these would be great...


      Please correct me if i have written something incorrect above...


      Disclaimer: all stated here is my personal opinion