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    My latest video is up!

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      After months of work, including scripting, storyboarding, shooting, editing, color correction, and audio work, my latest (and I think my best) promo video is done and posted! I'd appreciate comments and feedback!


      All interview shots were done on the Epic. The b-roll is a mix of Epic, RED One, JVC XDCam-EX, Canon XHA1, and Sony AVCHD Handycam footage...


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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I wasn't much interested in the subject matter, so I only got about two minutes in.  But what I saw looked good.  That some's really nice RED footage there.

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            Nice going !  lots of work... well done !


            First off I didnt notice the cuts and transitions... meaning they were transparent and integrated well with story... if I didnt see it its a good thing.


            the camera moves ( the small drifting, dolly moves, booms, reveal, zooms etc ) worked great to give shots that little "xtra" value but didnt distract me at all.. just enhanced shots.

            I see that stuff automatically due to being dolly grip etc.. but its programmed into my dna at this point to see that stuff ... and your moves did well to add value.


            now for notes I made while watching...


            1:11 fast motion should be slow motion instead


            baloon jump cracked me up ( more later on this )


            8:08 I started wondering about off campus housing, dont know why

            , oh never mind...haha.. went right to dorm stuff after i made this note...



            one shot of students having fun together in a situation where they are making 'contact' socially as peers and friends .. something like they are at that table talking, and one says something, the other punches other in arm playfully, and they both laugh at the "joke" ... something where you see that students from different walks of life are 'connecting' spontaneously...and learning about each other with compassion and friendship etc.

            You'd have to stage it... direct it... but it would be something like the baloon jump ... to the audience...something to smile at and understand intuitively.


            but all in all, I'd say you have done a fantastic job, I love it and dont get a big head.



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              davidp158 Level 1

              Nice job! That represents a lot of hard work and long hours. Nice pacing, good use of still images, and the content never bogs down. It must be great to have a role in so many different areas of one project. I look forward to seeing your next video.