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    Where do I find the Flash Player installation log on the Macintosh?

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      The Flash Player installer generates multiple log files that can provide crucial troubleshooting clues when you are unable to install.  The following FAQ describes how to locate these log files so that you can provide this information to Adobe when requested.


      Video Guide:



      If you are encountering problems using Flash Player, please click here for an HTML5 version of this video: YouTube HTML5 HD Link



      Manual Steps:


      File #1: Install.log

      This file contains log information for multiple applications installed on the system.  Since we're only interested in Flash Player, we need to be selective about what we want to capture.


      1. Open the Console application from /Applications/Utilities


      2. In the left hand panel, expand /var/log




      3. Scroll down until you find "install.log"


      4. Using the "Insert Marker" button, add a marker or two to give yourself visual feedback for the start point


      5. Run the Flash Player Installer


      6. Return to the Console application and you'll notice that data has been added to the log


      7. Scroll up until you find the start point (represented by the markers added in step 4) and select all of the new data below




      8. Open a text editor, paste the log text and save the file off to provide to Adobe.


      File #2: FlashPlayerInstallManager.log


      This file is located in ~/Library/Logs/FlashPlayerInstallManager.log


      You can navigate to this folder using the following steps:


      1. Select the Go -> Go to Folder... menu item from the Finder menu



      2. Copy and paste "~/Library/Logs" into the Go to Folder dialog



      3. Locate the "FlashPlayerInstallManager.log" in the folder that appears.



      Once you have secured all of the log files, you can compress them and then upload the single file using the instructions here:


      How to share a document.


      Finally, post the link to the uploaded file into your forum post.