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    Cannot uninstall Adobe Flash Player 11 Active X

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      I am hoping someone out there can help.  I have been having a hard time uninstalling Adobe Flash Player 11 Active X from a large group of Windows XP SP3 PC's.  I run the latest Adobe Flash Uninstaller via a script and when I go into Add/Remove Program, I still see Adobe Flash Player 11 Active X listed there.  (I have hopefully attached a picture)add remove Flash.JPG


      As you can, hopefully, see, it looks a little funny as the "Click here for more support info is missing."  What's more is when I go to http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ to test the Flash install using Internet Explorer 8, I get prompted to install Adobe Flash.  (Hopefully the second picture shows up)


      website flash message.JPG


      I have tried running my script written as this:

      "<network location>\uninstall_flash_player_32bit.exe" -uninstall -force and that does not work.


      I also tried running a Powershell script and that does not work.


      I did a search on the PC for flash.ocx and swflash.ocx and tried the regsrv32 -u trick and that does not work. 


      As a last resort, I even tried running the Remove from one PC in Add/ remove programs to just see and I get this error:




      I even click Browse and point this to the loation that has a copy of this file and I then get this error:



      The only solution that really works is when I use Microsft's Installer Cleanup Utility and then run the Adobe Flash uninstaller again.


      This is fine and dandy except I have MANY PC's that this has happened to and I would really like a foolproof way to completely remove Adobe Flash Player.  This needs to happen because I cannot successful install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player until this corrupted version gets removed.


      Can anyone offer a solution?






      PS - Nice job updating the forums Adobe.