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    Stretching space around photo

    fucanon Level 1

      I took a photo and got all the objects I wanted in it, but I would like to have a little more space around the photo, not a white border, just a little more space around the objects. Is there any way I can add more space around the photo just in case I want to crop it to different sizes?

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          If you have multiple objects on a photo and you want more space to separate them, suggest that you do the following:


          1. Go to File>new>blank file, enter the width and height of your paper stock, and the resolution the same value as the photo.
          2. Open your photo, and using one of the selection tools, e.g. lasso, selection brush, select one of the objects. Go to Edit>copy
          3. Go back to the blank file, and go to Edit>paste
          4. Do the same for each object
          5. Each object will be on its own layer
          6. Access the move tool, hightlight each layer in the layers palette (one at a time), and move the object into position and resize with the corner handles of the bounding box.
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            photodrawken Level 5

            Use the Recompose tool:

            1. Image...Resize...Canvas to increase the canvas size.  I used 130% for both horizontal and vertical.
            2. With the Recompose tool, mark the areas to keep as is and the areas to use for the expansion:
              recompose selection.png
            3. Drag the sides of the image to enlarge it:
              recompose final.png

            You'll get distortion where the image was expanded, but, depending on your original image and the amount of expansion, it should be acceptable.  You can always use the Clone tool to touch up.



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              hatstead Adobe Community Professional

              I don't use the recompose tool for this reason, but it is worthwile experimenting with it.