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    Active State on Text Hyperlinks doesn't work

    insrid Level 1

      My menu is comprised of text hyperlinks, and each hyperlink is set to be a highlight colour when the page it links to is active to help with site wayfinding.  From the very start the active state has not worked.  I've tried everything I can think of.  Initially I had a problem with rollover states as well and I "fixed" it by tinkering with the hyperlink settings, but it didn't help with active state.


      I most recently tried creating a new site to see whether Beta 6 had fixed the problem, with no luck.  At this point in time, the site is over 100 pages, with somewhere around 16 Master pages, and is very difficult to navigate with a non-functional active state.  I would appreciate if someone had a solution or workaround for this that doesn't involve replacing all my hand-built menus with menu widgets (the look we're going for is very simple and is easier to achieve with text hyperlinks than a menu widget).  It would also be impossible to eliminate the Master pages and have a unique menu for every single page as this becomes extremely difficult and time-consuming to edit and make additions as the site grows.