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    Pull windows user name?


      Good Morning all,


      I am working on training videos for my company of about 800 employees.

      Everyone has an individual user account. And every employee is required to take certain classes.


      Is it possible to pull login information and reflect it on, lets say a certificate at the end of a training or store it for later use?




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          Tara Aukerman Community Member

          If you want to collect the info from the users themselves, you can create a user-defined variable a la http://iconlogic.blogs.com/weblog/2009/04/adobe-captivate-4-userdefined-variables.html.

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            Jaitsujin82 Community Member

            Hi Tara,


            Thanks for the great suggestion.


            But unfortunately you can't trust people anymore these days. I wanted to avoid that People type in different names to take the test for other employees. Believe me it happened before.

            We are able to monitor log-ins throughout the company and if I could tie a log-in user name to the Certificate at the end of a class that would help to eliminate this.


            I researched for hours yesterday, but couldn't find anything mentioned about it. I feel like I'm the first one ever asked this question.



            Well, the search continues...

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              AndyKingInOC Community Member

              My understanding is there's no way to do that with captivate off the shelf.


              I looked through the widget providers I know of and didn't see anything that does what you describe.  Doesn't mean there's nothing out there, I just didn't find it.


              My thought is most people would use an LMS tied to your network authentication for what you're describing.

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                RodWard ACP/MVP

                I agree.  There's usually a session variable floating around in the browser that knows the authorised user's ID, but capturing that variable value (which might be something like: servername/bloggsf) and then pulling it into Captivate, would require some extra programming nouse that most Captivate authors would not have.  There's no way to do it out of the box with standard Captivate functionality.


                If you want to go down this path, do some Googling on the term: auth_user


                There's a post here discussing it briefly: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3233261