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    Photo 10 IMac


      How do I set my Elements 10 to Printer Manager,Lap Color,Relative Colormetric on my IMac and get it to stay.All my photos come out as Magenta (did not do this on my pc)

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Click on the more options button at the bottom of the print dialog.

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            Solitude48 Level 1

            Have already tried that and altered the data but will not save as have spent nearly 3 hrs trying all sorts to no avail.


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            Re: Photo 10 IMac

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            Click on the more options button at the bottom of the print dialog.


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              Barbara B. Level 7

              Printer Manager,Lap Color,Relative Colormetric

              This isn't possible. Relative colorimetric is only an option when PSE manages color, not the printer, and there is no LAB color in any version of PSE. First try setting Printer manages color and then make your paper and ink choices in the OS X print window that opens after you click print in the PSE window (you may need to expand the window by clicking the arrow the right of the printer's name in 10.6, or the Show Details button in 10.7). If you set PSE to manage colorl, then you will need to check in the OS X print window to see that you can disable color management in the printer driver. Not all printers allow this, and double management almost always produces bad results.