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    Repetitive saving over and over , help on actions / scripts


      Hi all i'm using cs5 to edit 1 picture into 12 variations for a canvas print ad , so i have the original image , which is 

      (1) reduced in size  from approx 30mb @300dpi to approx 7mb @100dpi my action for the 3d canvas requires it to be 40-60 dpi at approx 80"

      (2) actioned into a 3d canvas

      (3) then reduced back to approx 6" @100dpi

      (4) then grouped layers named 1 to 12 are turned on save as then 2 save as then 3 save as etc etc etc etc


      i'm up to 107 folders of 12 images  as you can imagine its getting borring lol


      is there a way via a script (which i've never used) so i can have lets say an image in a folder called "108"

      and i can run a script so it does what it does and saves the 12 image variations from that 1 image.



      any help will be appreciated  i can go through about 10 to 15 a day before i start losing the will to live .



      regards ken