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    You Tube and viewing images problem


      Hi all


      Wonder if someone can help me please look at my link as it will be better to see what’s going on thank me explaining.


      I have embedded a YouTube video into my online portfolio and also integrated an image viewer, the You Tube video works great though when viewing an image the embedded video can be seen though the image also the image viewer has control images to move from one image to the next and a close button their operations work fine though they are not appearing online but appear fine in Dreamweaver, I have uploaded the whole site, all images and coded files 3 times over the past two days, please help me its driving me insane.


      Link: http://www.anthonymccormickdesigns.com/ColumbianSnow.html


      Thank you

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Unfortunately you are somewhat at the mercy of the Youtube iframe and the Flash video player in it.

          Do this as a test.

          Open your page in IE (FF is not a problem) and "disable" the Flash player.

          In main IE browser menu...Tools/Manage Add-ons/Shockwave Flash Object.... "Disable".

          Then test your page... images work just fine.

          The problem is not your "container" code... but it's Flash content.

          Most like it has to do with the wmode used for the Flash player... from an old article (there are now more wmodes):


          Window Mode (wmode) - What's It For?There are three window modes.
          By default, the Flash Player gets its own hWnd in Windows. This means that the Flash movie actually exists in a display instance within Windows that lives above the core browser display window. So though it appears to be in the browser window, technically, it isn't. It is most efficient for Flash to draw this way and this is the fastest, most efficient rendering mode. However, it is drawing independently of the browser's HTML rendering surface. This is why this default mode (which is equivalent to wmode="window") doesn't allow proper compositing with DHTML layers. This is why your JavaScripted drop-down menus will drop behind your Flash movie.
          In windowless modes (like opaque), Flash Player doesn't have a hWnd. This means that the browser tells the Flash Player when and where to draw onto the browser's own rendering surface. The Flash movie is no longer being rendered on a higher level if you will. It's right there in the page with the rest of the page elements. The Flash buffer is simply drawn into whatever rectangle the browser says, with any Flash stage space not occupied by objects receiving the movie's background color.

          Since you can't really change YouTube's iframe page, you may need to see if you could embed the video in a player where you can set the wmode yourself as one of the vid player params, move the video out of the way, or use javascript to "hide" the video player whenever an image is clicked.

          Javascript hide/show... for example:


          plus tons of other examples on line.

          Best wishes,


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            SternKnight Level 1

            Thank you for your help Adninjastrator for your help after you explained the issue I found out through research that if you add "?wmode=opaque" to the end of the You Tube URL then it fixes the problem.


            Link to fix: http://maxmorgandesign.com/fix_youtube_iframe_overlay_and_z_index_issues/


            Now I'm trying to get the controls button images working.


            Fixed all issues my image folder had a CAPITAL i (Image not image).


            Thank you everyone

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              adninjastrator Level 4

              Glad to see that you can have some input on that iframe!

              That's a good link to know about. Thanks!

              Best wishes,