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    Iphone 4s video being brought into after effects - really small.

    Adrien. Level 1

      So I have an Iphone 4s. I shot some 1080 video, brought it into after effects on a compisiition set up as HDTV 1080p and the video is really tiny, like I have to stetch it out just to see it and whne I do i lose quality. any recomendations for brining 1080p iphone 4s video into after effects?


      If i copy it of the iphone and play it, i can play at full size or at the size it opens as and its still 1080p.

      If I upload straight from the phone to youtube it registers as 1080p and lets me plat at full size or default with out loss of quality.

      If I bring into after effects its tiny on this black background....and rendering out also makes it "tiny" and not 1080p.



      Tips, Ideas?