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    ACR 6.7 RC1  Sharpening artifacts when capture sharpening 5DM3

    misterrick Level 1

      I seem to be getting sharpening artifacts with ACR 6.7 RC1 at relatively low levels of sharpening with Canon 5DM3 files using the "Details" tab.  For instance even at ISO 200, I see these at levels like 40 -6-25-0.  If I up the masking it does get a little better, but I've never seen this before while using a 40D.  I sharpen at 100% view, but even at 50% this is noticeable.  I'm using CS5 on a Dell Studio desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium.   This is consistent across dozens of images, all of which are properly exposed.  (No exposure/brightening/contrast or clarity,  etc. applied)


      Anyone else seeing this?