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    Adobe Reader X - Save Button is greyed out




      the "Save" Button is greyed out with every PDF File.

      File -> Save is also grey

      File -> Save as... is functional.


      Where's the Problem?

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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The save button is grayed out until you make any changes to the PDFs.

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            ruchi_agrawal_adobe Adobe Employee

            When changes are made to the PDF for the first time, the file will have to be SavedAs.

            Making subsequent changes to the file in the same Reader instance will allow Save.

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              airwolf1544 Level 1

              Thats nice.. but i can't tell this our 1700 empoyee. They are accustomed to use this button to safe the files they get from our webportal.


              It's a clear disadvantage!

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                The Save button would still work but it would function as Save As on first save. For all practical purposes you should still be able to use this button like always with a Save As dialog popping up on the first edit.

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                  airwolf1544 Level 1

                  The Save Button is grey! I can't press it (like in Adobe Reader 9).

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                    Manu_Aggarwal Level 1

                    Are there any edits made to the file that require saving? The button won't enable itself until some changes are made to the file. Try adding a comment. That should require saving.

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                      Problem: I open PDF attachments in an email, and need to save them to a folder. I do NOT need to make any changes to them. The graying out of the Save button FORCES me to go the "File -> Save As -> PDF" route EVERY TIME. Very annoying, totally unnecessary. A sign of poor coding. Programmers are not end-users, they don't think like end-users, they can't understand the needs of end-users.


                      'nuf said.

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                        Agree that the save button being grayed out is moronic. If I download a

                        statement from credit card or credit union account, it's not likely that I need to make changes

                        before saving.

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                          I agree... Is there anyway to add the "save as" button to the toolbar?  That way users do not need to go to File > Save

                          As everytime.

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                            What I've been doing is using the keyboard command Ctrl+Shift+S, which brings up the Save As... dialog box.


                            Like thinksink, I receive PDFs by email.  I scan documents using our printer/scanner/fax machine, and it sends the documents to my email account as PDF files.  By default, the documents are named "scan.pdf", and it is inconvenient to type in a different document title before sending.  So, when scan.pdf arrives in my inbox, I open the file to ensure that the document has scanned correctly, and if it has, I save it to the appropriate folder on my drive.


                            In Reader 9, I could click the Save... button (which was NOT greyed out), and the Save As... dialog box would open.  I think the first time I did that, I was shown a warning that changes to the document could not be saved and if I wanted to save it, I would have to save it to a  file with a different name.  Since this is exactly what I intended to do, everything worked great.  And, I didn't have to see the warning every time because there was a "Don't show me this again" check box.


                            Another related annoying change from Reader 9 is that Reader X doesn't remember what folder I saved the last document to.  In the Save As... dialog box, the saving process for each document always starts in the temporary folder that Outlook stores attachments in, and I have to work my way through the directory tree to save each file.  This occurs even when I leave the application running and just close the last document.

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                              Exactly the same problems and annoyances as other posters.  Grayed out save button makes saving the THOUSANDS of pages I scan everyday a much longer and harder task.  It now takes significantly longer to do the same process, all due to:


                              -HAVING to go to File, Save As, PDF  (I never make changes to the documents, just need to save them)


                              -HAVING to now select the proper save folder, every time, instead of it going to the last folder I used to save, when I save.  Making it 20 seconds now to save each of the 1000's of pages, which is 5 hours, versus the 5 seconds it took with the save NOT grayed out, and it defaulting to the last used folder to save, which took only 1.4 hours.  Difference of: 3.6 hours. ALL DUE TO THE NEW UPDATE 'X', I now have to waste that much more time doing an already dauting task.


                              Not cool Adobe.  I really have to wonder who the heck these updates are supposed to help????  Who thought it would be 'better' to gray out a button, yet leave it there to taunt users?  Just ridiculous.  Damn it that I can't use another program.  Also, REALLY tired of updates, at the frequency of which seems to be every time I turn on my computer.  Now I'm really annoyed about that, since this last update has screwed up what was working fine before.


                              PLEASE FIX!!!  You're alientaing your faithful users by creating erroneous updates.

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                                So I agree with all the comments here!  How do you downgrade back to Adobe 9?  :-D


                                Also, in the meantime...  I understand what y'all mean about getting around this using the "Save As" feature.  When a pdf opens within my browser (Firefox), I am able to do this via the "File" at the top of my browser.


                                However, when a pdf opens in a new browser window (I'm not sure what makes determines the distinction... I suppose it's coding within the website), it's a limited firefox window with the URL and adobe toolbar (with the Save button greyed).  I don't have a "File" drop down menu!  So, I do the ctrl-shift-S as suggested in this thread.  A box pops up and asks if I'm sure (because I can't save changes to this document), I click OK, and it disappears.  I'm assuming it's just re-saving it in some temporary cache somewhere on my computer, because it doesn't give me a "save as" or where to save box.


                                Note: if I open a pdf already on my computer, it opens in adobe reader, and I have the "File" drop down there.

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                                  oldrelicdvds Level 1

                                  I always go to Edit/ Preferences/ Internet &

                                  uncheck Display PDF in browser. That way it always

                                  opens in Adobe Reader.

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                                    It boggles the mind that in this day and age a company like Adobe could do such a stupid thing as putting a grayed out "save" button in the new release!  Where are these peoples heads?  The name of the game is to give users flexibility - or so I thought.  Maybe this is a subtle message from Adobe about where they are going with their "free" reader?   

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                                      We are also experiencing the same issue with the grayed out "Save" button.  Couple of points:


                                      (1) As a workaround, for those people who deal with .PDF documents received via emails (i.e. from scanner etc.), right-clicking and saving the .PDF attachment from the mail client (Outlook in our case) appears to be a solution (for users who don't need to see the contents of the .PDF file before saving the file).  Subsequent Right-click -> Save As' within Outlook does remember the previous save location.


                                      (2) Does anyone know if there is a way to the make Adobe Reader X


                                           a) change the default save location from the Outlook temp folder to somewhere else ?

                                           b) remember the location where the user last saved a file  ?



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                                        Well as of April 2012 they still have not addressed these issues of greyed-out save AND having to go through the (idiotic) extra step of saveas>PDF>  -- it is very very irritating. I have been trying to figure out how to undefault that option to no avail but reading everyone's posts here helped me to just give up hope and ask my IT person to unload adobeX and put me back to where I was yesterday.  This interferes with my job & work.

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                                          Still no Save As button function, 5 years after the OP highlighted this issue.

                                          This is SO FRUSTRATING !

                                          At the very least please offer the ability to add the Save As button when customizing the menu.

                                          We rarely ever edit the pdfs, but like many complaining here, we most often just need to open pdfs from emails and/or websites and save them to a different folder than the default temp folder. Im gonna go out on a limb, and say that if a survey of Adobe Reader users was done asking "What is your most often use for Adobe Reader?" , >95% of those surveyed would answer something like "To view and then save(as) PDF files".  I challenge anyone to contradict me on this!

                                          Adobe, if you are listening, this is a very important "work-flow" issue, please can we have:

                                          A. The ability to at least add a Save-As button to the menu.

                                          B: Ability to remember the last location a file was saved to, and/or a Default location for Save As.

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                                            I'm having the same problem. In addition to the office workflow that some have mentioned, I am having trouble as a homeowner. Electricians and technicians are relying on smart devices more and more. When they complete their work, they send the invoice or bill via e-mail. There is no paper copy. This would suit me fine (fewer paper copies to file), except that I am unable to save the invoice because the save button is gray.


                                            Also, why are staff members not monitoring this board? There has been no reply or update since Nov. 25, 2010.

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                                              Three years later after the last post and this is still an issue. @adobe Please fix this issue. It is slowing down my workers and I am getting many complaints. Will you please change the code and allow us to just hit the save button or at least allow us to have the save-as button in the toolbar.