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      We've identified a problem with the latest version of Flash Player,, in which on some PCs, it causes the size of print jobs submitted through the Flash print process to balloon by approximately 10x compared to previous versions.  It appears to be browser independent; we've confirmed the behavior with IE9, Firefox 3.6 & 11, and Chrome.  We've also confirmed it is specified to this version by toggling the Flash player version back and forth between this new version and  On affected PCs, print jobs are consistently small on, and large on  It does seem to affect all PCs using, but we have not yet been able to identify why some work and others don't.


      Has anyone else encountered or reported this bug?  If it is known by Adobe, is there any known common factor or workaround available (other than rolling back your Flash player version)?  Will this be fixed in the next version?


      Thank you for your assistance.