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    Handling legacy PDF-format folios in Kindle viewer

    sboerner2 Level 1

      I'm working with a client to publish a magazine on the Kindle Fire. The magazine, a bimonthly, has been available on the iPad for more than a year now. All of the folios that we have produced for the iPad are PDF format. (Which turned out to be a good decision, since they will display nicely on the new iPad.)


      We will produce a 1024x600 rendition for the Kindle going forward. However, all of the legacy folios show up in the Kindle viewer library and are not readable. The reader displays an error when you try to open one of the old folios. ("This folio contains one or more PDF stacks which are not yet supported ...")


      I would like to prevent some frustration for our readers here, but we do not have the budget or time to rebuild all of the legacy folios as 1024x600 documents.


      The Kindle will adequately display 1024x768 PNG-based folios by adding bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Not ideal, but adequate. If we were to shave a few pixels -- say, 4 or 6 -- from the width of the legacy folios and rebuild them as PNG-based folios, would the difference be enough for the Kindle to recognize those as renditions and load them instead of the full-size folios? And would the iPad ignore the slightly narrower folios? That would allow us to address the problem without having to redesign a years' worth of magazines.


      Thanks to Adobe and Amazon for working out the issues with the Kindle viewer. Looking foward to seeing our publications on both platforms soon.