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    "Can't activate recorder. Try resetting camera."

    mdkane89 Level 1

      Hello, I recently acquired Adobe Premiere CS5 for my new PC, which is a 64 bit Lenovo system running on Windows 7. The camera I am trying to import clips from is a Panasonic AG-DVX100B, clips recorded in 24p Advanced. When I connect the devices via FireWire, I open Premiere Pro and set the settings accordingly (which would be the 24p standard/widescreen settings, no?), and in the Capture window, I get the above message, "Can't activate recorder. Try resetting camera."


      For the life of me, I can not find any settings on the camera that I have to change to get this to work. I even captured through Windows Movie Maker/Photo Gallery. No issues, no problem, so it can't be the FireWire card, right? I even switched the IEEE 1394 settings to the Legacy version, and still no luck. On Premiere Pro, I even tried using different settings just to see if "anything" would work. I even followed some solutions concerning this issue on Adobe's site, and still can't get it to work. I currently don't have an internet connection, so I haven't been able to update Premiere since I got it a month ago, and I also don't have any speakers for my PC yet, so there's no working sound. I don't suppose either of these are the cause of the problem?


      On another note, I've looked around these forums, and stumbled upon a fellow who had a similar issue on a Lenova PC, and it turned out the only solution was to buy another computer all together and it worked for him then. So another question would be, does anyone else have Premiere Pro CS5 for a Lenovo PC? And does it work? Or is there some compatibility issue with the two that I should know about? I'd rather not have to shell out for another computer or have to switch to Sony Vegas, so if I could get any help on this, that'd be great.


      I'm fairly new to video editing and haven't used Premiere Pro or After Effects in the past, so I'm hoping there is something incredibly easy and simple I overlooked.