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    somebody explain this to me please

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      hi , how are you guys?i hope you all fine :d




      "Runtime loading is useful because it means you can change any of the images in your game without

      having to recompile your program. Just drop different images into the images folder, and the finished SWF

      file will read the new ones automatically.



      "However, runtime loading has one fatal flaw. The images load slower than your code runs. That means

      that your program could start running before any of the images have loaded. This is especially true if

      you’re running ENTER_FRAME events that update your code 60 times per second; it can lead to all sorts

      of problems."


      specially the  red lines i realy couldn.t understand

      someone explain it to me please

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Without knowing the context surrounding those sentences there is only so much to offer to explain it, and it states what it means fairly clearly if you know what runtime loading is.


          Runtime loadng is when you load images dynamically from external locations.  You could have folder of images that are used by your swf file.  If you should want to change the images that the file uses, you only have to replace them in the folder that it loads them from.  If you had designed those images directly into the file instead of loading them dynamically you would have to edit the file and create a new swf every time you want to change the images

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            thank you alot brother its so clear now