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    Help on optimising and upgrading my PC for CS 5.5

    SecretSqirel Level 1

      Hi all, really need some help here.

      I'm about to purchase CS 5.5 Master Suite and would like to increase the performance of my PC a little at the same time.

      I dont need my PC totally optimised for Premiere as I will only use it to edit short YouTube video's and not that often (only make a few vid's a month).

      The software I use all the time is: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Bridge, Illustrator and the Flash programs.

      My current PC has this spec:

      Asus P6T SE mobo
      i7 920 2.67 CPU
      2 x Radeon HD 4890 Graphics cards (use 3 monitors)
      12 GB Ram
      2 x WD Black 500GB (not in Raid)
      Mackie Firewire Audio Card
      Windows 7 Pro 64

      What I would like to do is increase the performance of my PC without spending a fortune (woudn't we all).
      My thoughts are add an SDD boot drive and put the 2 hard drives I have in Raid 0, then increase my ram from 12GB to 24GB (I would buy all the ram new so matched 1600).

      What I would like is your views on these upgrades.
      Do you think these would be good upgrades?
      Would you do anything different? etc.

      I have spent the past few days searching this forum and the net and the only thing I have achieved is a headache.
      Thanks in advance.