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    Where Can we Download the "old" speedgrade ... so we can give better feedback for integration?

    Patrick Faith

      Where can we download the "old" speedgrade, so we can give better feedback for integration with aftereffects and premiere.   I haven't used speedgrade, but I'm assuming it's like Davinci Resolve ... color grading is something you have to play around with a bit, to give decent feedback on integration.  On one extreme, I like the ease of aftereffect composites.  On the other hand, using graph operators (such as in Resolve and things like blender) ... is real nice ... but it's really not how i do work on the adobe side.   I'm looking for a color grading approach that isn't for tier 1 film, but more for tier 2, independant and/or corporate work.   I'd also love the ability to mix special effect compositing (like I currently do with AE), with coloring (which I currently have to do in in another program).   I also have two work streams I would like to test, one RED and another 1080p for normal corporate stuff (which i currently don't color grade btw).


      Anyway, I see some wierd links on downloading the old speedgrade, I don't see any download links on the speedgrade web page ... would be nice to see what the old speed grade does so I can comment competently.