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    unable to stop images from auto toning in lightroom 4

    ninjapimp Level 1

      I have a problem and i've searched and done what it says but it still plagues me.

      I import images a lil different.

      I open lightroom and till ot synchronize on my folder "2012", which it says it finds 200 images


      this part goes fine but when i click on thumbnail it darkens the image too much.


      so i go to edit, preferences, presets and I make sure everything is unchecked.


      so with nothing checkmarked.

      i go back to my images and it still auto tones.

      it does this for each image, ruining them.

      i like them jsut the way they are when first imported.


      i'm frustrated.


      is there a way to download a preset for my camera model and make?

      I'd like to download an official preset for my nikon d800 and nikon d7000. so when it does import images it properly tones it if i can not prevent this toning from happening.


      i've tried making my own custom user develop preset but i'm frustrated as i could not really make my images be good as it misses up some images and others are ok.


      can anyone point me int he right direction please?


      i have verified over and over my settings in edit? preferences but it still wants to auto tone my images and i constantly end up having to reset develop settings for all my images.


      i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still auto tones my pictures no matter what.