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    date/time based rename incorrect for Video

    cjs007 Level 1



      When I import photos and video using lightroom, I rename all my files based on date and time using a YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS format. For example:


      This works perfectly for photos. That is, the (LR renamed) filename reflects the time the photos was taken (I suppose this is the "capture time"). However, the video time is totally wrong. For example, a video taken at 7PM gets renamed to something corresponding to 1AM.


      I notice the following:

      - Date/time based renaming of this particular iPhone 4S video works properly in other applications (e.g. Dropbox and PhotoMechanic)

      - The resultant filename in LR4 appears to correlate to "Date Time Digitized", which in my case does not reflect when the video was actually taken (I'm not sure if it should or not, I'm only saying that it does not).


      Is this expected behavior from LR4?


      The behavior I'm seeing means that I have to use yet another application (e.g. PhotoMechanic or other) on the front-end of my workflow (before LR) in order to ensure video files are named "correctly". This is obviously not the desired solution, I'd prefer to do the renaming inside LR at the time of import since it provides a function for precisely this purpose.


      Any comments appreciated.