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    Video won't open in iPad/iPad 2


      I've tried several different saves using the presets for iPad and went to the Apple store to find the actual settings for the video's to open in iPad/iPad2.  Still I can see the download from the server I use for my clients but they (the client) say they don't get anything or they get a circle with line running through it.  Meaning it won't download.  I have a small on-line business where video's are downloaded to the client.  I need to figure this out.


      I've tried widescreen, regular screen, medium and quality, File type is H264, frame: 29.97 or 30, AAC, 128 kbps, 48 kHz Stereo

      I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 10 - Version 10


      Any suggestions?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you saying that you're using Share/Portable Devices/iPad to output your video and that your clients are not able to play the video on their iPads when they browse to it on their iPads?


          I just want to be clear that this is the situation and you're not talking about people trying to just view the videos on their PCs.


          And can you post a link here to one of the videos so we can check it out ourselves?

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            jahmanwife@hotmail.com Level 1

            This is correct Steve.  I have one very irrate new client who can not open it and a friend who is also having trouble.   The server I use shows the downloads going through.  I don't have an iPad to test it so I have no idea what is happening on their end.  My friend said she is getting the circle with line through it.  The client doesn't reply.


            I just uploaded the video to Photobucket for a group share.  You'll see I'm a beginner in the design area but the formatting seems like it should be pretty straight forward.


            Here is the link to that: 

            http://s856.photobucket.com/albums/ab127/HoofMechanics/?action=view&current=AdvTec-RimNotc h-FtLt-iPad-CustomSetting.mp4 -  Custom Setting


            http://s856.photobucket.com/albums/ab127/HoofMechanics/?action=view&current=AdvTech-RimNot ch-FtLt-IpadMed.mp4 - Regular Setting - Med


            I have this on a server who automates a link to the client after payment and that is where they are getting the video from. I can't set this up for a group share but can send it to an individual email address to test.  This is the first time I've sent it out from the photobucket format so not sure if this will make a difference in it opening to the iPad.  I guess we will see if this is part of the problem. 


            Thanks for the reply.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I would try to isolate the problem to the file, or the server first. If your friend is close enough, I would manually upload that file to their iPad for testing, or perhaps put it onto a thumbdrive, and take it ot the Mac store for a manual upload and test. If that file then plays fine, the indication would be that there is an issue with the FTP (or whatever Protocol you are using) on the server-side.


              Good luck,



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Nope. It's easier than that, Bill.


                The Photobucket site that jahmanwife is posting to is converting all his videos to Flash (similar to the way YouTube does). Your iPad/iPod has special software for playing YouTube videos, but it doesn't work with this site.


                Jahmanwife, you will need to either create your own web site to post your MP4s to or find a site that will not re-encode your videos as Flash when you post them.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Hey, I like "simple."


                  Flash is a forbidden format on most things Apple, so if the file is being converted to FLV, they will likely never play on anything Apple.





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                    jahmanwife@hotmail.com Level 1

                    So I had a feeling I might have complicated the original questions by sending those links to the Photobucket site for your to view the video.


                    I am using a server who auto sends the video's for me after payment is completed.  I can not give open access to a link for that video but can send it out to individual emails if anyone wants to take a look at the actual process and problem.


                    It isn't going through Photobucket or YouTube I only did that in case the problem could be duplicated through it and because of the email addy to only one client at a time.


                    My friend does not live locally but has been willing to help me trouble shoot this since she has an iPad.  She chatted with Verizon who advised the following:  Direct download to an IPad is limited to approx 20MB. Your file is 101MB.  To download and watch the file you would require a WiFi connection.


                    So ...

                              if anyone wants to give me an email address I'm happy to send you the direct link.

                              will this file size be the problem?


                    Thanks for helping.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Sorry, but unless we can see the raw MP4s, we can't really evaluate them.


                      You can post them to http://Muvipix.com, which has a Gallery where users can post video in its original format for free. You can post it to there and link to it. Or you can upload it a web site and post a link to it.

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                        jahmanwife@hotmail.com Level 1

                        Took a little time to get this done and I hope it's what you are asking for.  Here's the link to a shortened version of what I'm trying to provide to the iPad client. 




                        Interested in hearing what you think.


                        Thanks !!!!

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          The video on the page played perfectly on my PC, my Mac and on my iPod.


                          The page loads pretty poorly, and it took quite a while for it all to load.


                          But once it did, the video plays just perfectly. So I'm not sure what's going on at your clients' end.


                          I'd say the problem is that you're using the iPad output for your web video. That video output is designed for use on a portable device -- It doesn't load efficiently to a web site. For one thing, you're taking a video that's being made at 640x480 and loading it to the web site in a space that's only about 278x240 pixels!


                          Try outputting your video from Premiere Elements using Share/Computer/Quicktime with Advanced video settings of:

                          Video codec: H.264

                          Frame width 320x240 (You may have to disable Constrain Size to do this)

                          Quality 65%

                          Frame Rate 15 fps

                          Field Type Progressive

                          Aspect Square Pixels

                          Limit Data Rate to 550 Kbps

                          Keyframe every 15 frames


                          Audio Codec AAC


                          If you're interested, I explain the whys and hows of these settings in my book.


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                            jahmanwife@hotmail.com Level 1

                            Thanks for your critique & info on the site Steve.  I am not a web designer and that site was basically thrown together over time as I rushed through trying to develop everything I needed to help clients needs.  My on-line service like this forum is 24/7.  That was the best I could do at the time.  Fyi, I started a redesign and hope to have it ready by the end of the month. 


                            Well it's good to know the video is able to be viewed on the iPad.


                            I loaded it to the website for you to review but again this is not the way the user recieves it.  It's on a server who sends them a link to download.  So they don't watch it on the website but from their own device at home.


                            I guess the question at this point is ... can the iPad download this video to watch on the device by itself or does it need a server of some sort.  I know of friends who have downloaded videos of mine to their cellular so I'm stumped as to why the iPad isn't working.


                            I will keep your recommendations for the advanced settings in case this is the only way the iPad viewer can watch the video and I'll look into your book.  Is Muvipix your company?


                            Thanks again for your time & suggestions.


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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              As far as I know, iPads/iPods/iPhones do not download a video in order to play it. They just stream it from the site itself -- so it needs to be web-optimized, as I indicated above.


                              This would be different if you were posting your video to a podcast site or some place where people could download it through iTunes. But that's very different than what you're trying to do.