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    Publish to Flickr in LR4

    azonie@q.com Level 1

      When I try to publish to Flickr from LR4 after about an hour I get error saying file to large.  Only published about 17 out of 600 images. If I try to restart fails quickly.  How do I publish all of these to Flickr.

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          PRR_Cabin Level 1

          Do you have the free Flickr account?

          If you do you are limited to 300mg per month.

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            azonie@q.com Level 1

            No I have a Flickr Pro account

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              AlanUniqueName Level 2

              Flickr has a file size limit for a pro account of 20MB per image; it is less for a free Flickr account at 15MB    




              It is also a shame that the LR Flickr publishing service does not check the size of the rendered file before it tries to send it to Flickr.   It just sends it regardless and consequently if the file is too large this wastes significant time and bandwidth whilst you wait for the error to occur.    It is also unfortunate that the error message is not explicit about which file actually failed.


              I have already raised a couple of recommendations to Adobe on these issues …if you feel relevant then add your vote ...


              http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/improve_flickr_publish_robustness_by _pre_checking_the_file_size_before_sending_to_flickr


              http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/improve_the_diagnostics_relating_to_ flickr_publish_failures


              The only suggestion I have is …


              If you publishing jpegs, have you set your quality to 100%?   If so, unless using Flickr for archiving purposes, you could try reducing it to say 90% or so as this will make little discernible difference to the online viewing quality …




              and will reduce the file size to help mitigate the problem.




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                azonie@q.com Level 1

                Wow so are you saying when it refers to

                file being to large it is Not referring to the

                number of images I am trying to publish

                but that one (or maybe more) are larger than


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                  AlanUniqueName Level 2

                  Yes, I suspect that is what you are seeing.


                  I shoot with a 5D MK II most of the time and I find that perhaps 1 in 50 of my images exceed the 20MB limit if I have the quality set to 100% on the publish service.
                  At 91%  I get no failures and the quality is good enough - especially when Flickr itself has further quality issues, but thats another story.


                  The other alternative is instead of setting 90% quality you could set the maximum file size limit to 20000 KB.   
                  This sounds the usful way of doing things as you would think it would only ever reduce the quality of images when they are larger than this.  
                  Unfortunately this is not the case it will cause quality reduction on all files regardless of size.



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                    azonie@q.com Level 1

                    I will try that next time. For now I have al. These images that I put into Flickr directly. So how do I get them out of the publish queue in LR4?

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                      AlanUniqueName Level 2

                      Assuming I’ve understood what you’ve said … it sounds like you have manually put some of your images to Flickr outside of using LR to do it.    If true,  despite the problems you are currently seeing, which I hope are reduced or eliminated if you lower the publish quality setting,  I really recommend letting LR fully manage the publishing of all your shots to Flickr (or Smugmug etc) and avoid using any direct upload methods outside of LR.


                      There are many reasons for this recommendation … if you change the development, keywording, title, caption etc of any published shot using LR then it will remind you the image needs republishing.    If you publish the same photo using both LR and manually copying it up using other means then Flickr will probably end up considering these as two different photos and longer term leading to chaos.     If other Flickr users comment on your photos then Lightroom will copy these comments back to the Lightroom database for you.


                      Again, I recommend setting the publishing quality to 90% and let LR completely manage your publishing needs.


                      However … to answer your direct question of how to remove them from the publishing queue (i.e. any photo being shown by LR as needing publishing or republishing) … you should be able to right click the thumbnail in the grid in library view and use the “Mark as Up-To-Date” menu.     (Note this is only possible in LR4 not LR3).


                      Hope this helps.

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                        azonie@q.com Level 1

                        Thanks I did change to 90%.

                        Now hope I didn't mess up something else. I had about 80 images that had uploaded to Flickr through LR4 but had uploaded directly to zflickr.


                        I went into LR4 selected those in the photo stream item to be published and selected "remove from collection". Assume that is OK.  They still appear to in the Library where they were before.


                        So assume now when I move some in to be published to flickr everything should be ok.