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    Help on optimising and upgrading my PC for CS 5.5


      Hi all, really need some help here.

      I'm about to purchase CS 5.5 Master Suite and would like to increase the performance of my PC a little at the same time.

      I dont need my PC totally optimised for Premiere as I will only use it to edit short YouTube video's and not that often (only make a few vid's a month).

      The software I use all the time is: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Bridge, Illustrator and the Flash programs.

      My current PC has this spec:

      Asus P6T SE mobo
      i7 920 2.67 CPU
      2 x Radeon HD 4890 Graphics cards (use 3 monitors)
      12 GB Ram
      2 x WD Black 500GB (not in Raid)
      Mackie Firewire Audio Card
      Windows 7 Pro 64

      What I would like to do is increase the performance of my PC without spending a fortune (woudn't we all).
      My thoughts are add an SDD boot drive and put the 2 hard drives I have in Raid 0, then increase my ram from 12GB to 24GB (I would buy all the ram new so matched 1600).

      What I would like is your views on these upgrades.
      Do you think these would be good upgrades?
      Would you do anything different? etc.

      I have spent the past few days searching this forum and the net and the only thing I have achieved is a headache.
      Thanks in advance.