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    Webcam/incoming video not working with flash 11

    omeniv Level 1

      I use a chat room which uses adobe flash for webcams to video conference. I've used adobe flash for webcam purposes for years without an issue but all of a sudden my outgoing video/audio doesn't work and incoming audio/video is very choppy. My webcam freeze frames on the first image it sees, and incoming audio/video just skips like a broken CD. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling flash, uninstalling reinstall chrome, different browers...but the problem only exists in adobe flash. My webcam works fine in non-flash programs (i.e. Skype), as well as incoming audio/video. I believe this problem occured directly after the latest flash update. What can I do?




      2005 Dell Inspiron

      OS: Windows XP

      32 Bit

      Browser: Chrome (but tried also firefox, IE and still didnt work)

      Webcam: MS Lifecam VX-3000

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