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    With the Full-Screen mode worked like the Lion standard...

    JustBob Community Member

      Full-screen mode is nice; but, Apple's Lion standard puts full-screen apps on their own Desktop.


      Wish Adobe would make their apps work as expected on Apple and Microsoft computers.


      Suggestion would be to keep Photoshop's full-screen button in the tool bar, but add Apple's standard full-screen arrows in the upper right; that way Photoshop users could have both functions.


      The new text features are nice; but, there are some text items that do not comply with the Mac standard:


      1) Command-Control-D does not bring up the pop-up dictionary. I use this often in other programs to check the meaning of words that may be spelled correctly, but have the wrong meaning.


      2) Right-clicking on selected text brings up a contextural menu that is missing the Speak Text menu item. I use this in other programs a lot to check my grammar, as often sentences will be incorrect even if the spelling is right. I'm going to use it right now to check this post.


      I know, this should go in the Feature Request section; but, I couldn't find it.


      I just wish Adobe would quit fighting and add featured to the Mac program that mac users expect and features to the PC program that PS users expect.