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    Customer service consistently says they aren't able to valid date on my proof submitted...


      HELP!  I have purchased Adobe educational version via phone since 3/29/2012 and have been denied a serial number.  I realized the first 2 documents which was in PDF form end up being all garbled and unreadable (i have no idea why) So i resubmitted a new document in JPG form.  But I can't seem to unattach the old ones.  So I'm assuming they are looking again at the OLD unreadable PDF files?  I keep updating my notes telling them not to look at the old documents but to look at my new one i have submitted over and over again... They constantly states  we are unable to valid date on my proof submitted.  I re-submitted a tuition/contract bill and clearly states my date of when I started and will end twice.  I called customer service numerous times, each time i was on hold for good 30 to an 60 mins and their level 1 group says yes they see the date and will foward this to level 2/3 group to be approved...  It's Sunday april 8th and got another email saying the same thing....



      Thank you for submitting the proof of eligibility. Unfortunately, we


      were unable to approve your request for a new serial number. One of the


      reasons below mentioned.



      * We were unable to identify valid date on your Proof submitted


      We request you to submit the documents which shows that you are


      currently enrolled. Below are the types of proof of enrollment we accept


      * School ID card

      * Report card

      * Transcript

      * Tuition bill or statement

      * Any other document issued by the educational institution that includes

      your name, the institution name, and the current date or term."



      HELP!!!! I don't know what to do... I have continuously re-open the case, re-submitted my tuition bill/contract in JPG form, called customer service which agrees i'm good but have to wait for level2/3 guys to approval, can't unattach the OLD files that is unreadable and now constantly getting the same denied letter from ADOBE.  Please if I don't get this resolve soon I won't be able to keep my side job!  Thanks!