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    Something wrong here?

    Claudio González MVP

      This message, posted yesterday




      appears as one month old in the list of topics...



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          Jacob Bugge ACP/MVPs

          And according to the profile, the poster has no recent activity.


          Let us hope that John will see this soon, before everyone else disappears into the past.


          Unless, of course, this will lead us all back into the fair forums.

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            Claudio González MVP

            Jacob, you are an incorrigible optimist...

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              Claudio González MVP

              Looking at a similar recent case in another thread, I would say that it seems that after a spam message is removed, the date and time of the previous (and now last) message are changed to the date and time of removal of the spam message. Not a very clever or convenient scheme, I would say.

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                the_wine_snob Community Member

                If the spam removal is the culprit here, I have observed another little "glitch" in the process - "(Updated)."


                I have found threads that show "(Updated)," but the remaining last reply (after spam removal), shows a previous date. In some of those cases, even after I view the thread, it will continue to show "(Updated)." The only way that I have found to clear that, is for someone else to Reply to that thread, and then, after viewing, "(Updated)" will finally "clear."



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                  Noel Carboni Community Member

                  Honest to goodness (and no disrespect intended - you really should always ask for perfection) "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic" came to mind.


                  I can only begin to guess at what a monstrous mess the scripts that drive this forum must be, to have ongoing problems of this nature and a company whose stock has skyrocketed that's too afraid to fix them.