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    Using "Fit Artboard to Artwork Bounds" in an action?

    ficholasnorneris Level 1

      Hey all,


      I'm using a handy action that does some what I call "clean up" on various open files, nothing fancy - names all the used swatches and deletes unused etc - but I'm having trouble getting it to do another major part of my workflow:


      Let me explain - I want to have an action that is able to do the following:


      1. Unlock All objects

      2. Select All objects

      3. Artboard Tool (SHIFT-O) - and then

      4. Fit Artboard to Artwork Bounds


      I got it to work up to step 3. It can Unlock and Select, but it seems that recording an action while using the Artboard (Shift-O) tool won't record. Is there any way to automate this? Or does one have to use the Artboard tool manually each time? Thanks!


      CS4, Mac