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    Someone please point me to MENU BUILDING video for BEGINNERS.

    msp1518 Level 1

      Hi. I have tried watching dozens of videos, but keep gettinglost as the video assumes you are at least intermediate or better. Example...




      But I get so lost, it is not even funny.


      Is there a series of videos for BEGINNERS? People who know NOTHING?


      What I need is to create a very simple menu where I have three videos to choose from and you can click and choose.


      Best thing for me to do is give you this example here. The three boxes would each signify the videos.





      So again, each of those three pics would be the button to press to get to the corresponding video. I've been trying on and off for almost a year and have never been successful at this. TEXT explanations do not help. They are long winded and being dyslexic, I end up seeing gibberish. I need video tutorials.


      I have Adobe CS5 production Premium. Thanks